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Here are other things i make:
the poop deck

the poop deck

come, make doodoo with me.

the premise of every new sitcom: “Parents ruin your life by sneaking up behind you!”

don’t i know it!

from the time computers were started, and you apply for a loan or somethin’, you don’t have any privacy! no one’s come to my door and knocked on it, i don’t care. government needs to be spyin’ to make sure someone’s not off their rocker tryin’a blow up a building or somethin’! fox news just got everybody bent all outta shape.
my mom




Man, it took me a while to get back to this! So this is a basic “what if” animation. The folks at WayForward are remaking the old DuckTales NES game as “DuckTales Remastered,” so I decided I’d try to mimic what they did for the Rescue Rangers NES game!

I animated all of the performable actions you can do as Chip based on some sprite sheets I found from the original game. I’m gonna upload a full video of it eventually, once I can get the export to look better. That way it can be seen without a break in the action.

Here’s hoping they actually go forward with a Rescue Rangers remake!

Alex has been chugging away at this beauty for a while in his free time, it looks beautiful!!

Chip N’ Dale was my favorite NES game, so seeing this is a treat! :D

GHHHHH i love this game!!

Episode 32: TOMBOY


RJ & Bley welcome Bley’s former crush Erni, who talks about growing up as a tomboy. Also, Bley makes an ass of himself. WHAT ELSE IS NEW?

Check out the holiday Erni co-created here: MEAT WEEK

Erni’s Official Site

More RJ & Bley:

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Ask these dumbasses a question


Bley was radd enough to have me on his podcast where i sound like a person who thinks she is the only girl to ever like video games. what a dick. i realize i am not an anomaly.

also is terribly neglected. here’s my 101 page:

1. bad haircut

1. bad haircut


Julia Stiles as a hacker in the Ghostwriter episode - “Who Is Max Mouse?” 

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So much fun working on this. Creativity is energizing. Watching others do their own things with it is pure grace.

finally, a definitive answer to the question of whether or not DeMorge shits in the woods.

you had me at dayglow

you had me at dayglow

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